About Company

DOUBLE CHAIN promises to stand at the center of world technological innovation based on Blockchain that is one of the core technologies of the future innovation IT industry.
DOUBLE CHAIN will also continue to create new values for humanities and grow into a competitive company in the future by researching on and developing next generation technologies.

  • Intensive Reserch
    DOUBLE CHAIN conducts researches on Blockchain that is one of the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution and will give a great impact on our society by offering secured future financial system and information.
  • A bold challenge
    In the spirit of challenge, DOUBLE CHAIN ventures into new technologies including IoT, e-Currency and IoT device security, IoT data integration and the use of big data.
  • Diligent realization
    To realize better quality of life for customers, DOUBLE CHAIN creates customers’values through the development of safe, convenient and future technologies.
  • Active communication
    DOUBLE CHAIN grows together with customers and employees.
    DOUBLE CHAIN focuses on seamless communication with customers and presenting aspiring visions to employees who can become more qualified based on them.