Use cases by function

DoubleChain platform is applicable by function to various services provided by the customer by segmenting blockchain technology by field.

Use cases by industry

DoubleChain provides industry-specific customized blockchain platform by specializing in stability, efficiency and fluidity of blockchain technology.
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Technology roadmap

As a blockchain specialized company, DoubleChain will contribute to the development of future technologies through continuous and innovative research.
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Blockchain consulting

Through the global network, a blockchain expert will lead your business to success.
Blockchain marketing & consulting

CORNET is a specialized consulting agency for blockchain which provides one-stop service for blockchain related business from business concept establishment to exchange listing.

CORNET can support blockchain development, token issuance and TGE marketing activities, exchange listing and legal advice.

We dedicate to create a global blockchain ecosystem by focusing on the high potential blockchain project in the blockchain and crypto markets.

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