Smart home service

Smart home service which uses blockchain of things (BoT) to control devices
Various types of IoT contracts are possible by establishing IoT mutual authentication system in devices used in daily life.
Smart home service supports device settings and energy usage that are optimized for your lifestyle.
Strengthened network trust with data distribution storage/management
Improved IoT technology through smart contract
Reduced network costs
Applied technology
The following DoubleChain technology is applied to smart home service :

RealSense facial recognition access control system

RealSense facial recognition system which applies blockchain IoT authentication
Access control security solution that combines mutual authentication technology between RealSense image processor developed by Intel and IoT device based on blockchain.
  • Faster recognition speed
    Faster recognition speed
    Faster recognition speed compared to previous product
    Within 1~3s → within 0.5s
  • Easy installation
    Easy installation
    Applied 3D recognition technology from ordinary way of recognizing facial pattern
    Accurate sensing under various conditions
    Standalone, which does not require a server, is applied and self-service is possible
  • Cost-effective
    Half the price and size compared to the existing face recognition solution
    IoT device which operates independently is equipped with the most advanced 3D recognition sensor and the product is within 10cm in size
  • Enhanced integrated security
    Enhanced integrated security
    Maximized security by integrating mutual authentication technology between IoT devices based on blockchain to Intel RealSense sensors
RealSense facial recognition access control system is an IoT solution with strong security and convenient use.
Accurate facial recognition without errors
Convenient device setup and access control
Robust security based on blockchain
Applied technology
The following DoubleChain technology is applied to RealSense system :


An IoT contract payment platform based on blockchain
IoT contract based platform that converged machine-to-machine transaction blockchain and IoT for faster and safer transaction.


  • - Profitable investment as a cryptocurrency
  • - Convenient to use in daily life as payment


  • - IoT payment method for smart home,car sharing etc.
  • - Fast transaction speed with IoT contract


  • - Innovative IoT ecosystem expansion based on blockchain trust
  • - Technology combination of blockchain and strong IoT security
Private & public blockchains for interconnecting transaction services, stable ecosystem established by connecting Hdac and private blockchain.
Fair mining through ePoW
Convergence of public & private blockchains
QRN applied to prevent hacking
Applied technology
The following DoubleChain technology was applied to Hdac :